Responsibility in the supply chain

DAW assumes responsibility in the supply chain. Together with our suppliers, we promote humane working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We want to be a reliable partner and enter into long-term business relationships.

Respecting human rights

Measures to respect human rights in the supply chain have long since reached the breadth of companies. But even before legislation in the European Union began to take a closer look at corporate supply chains, we were concerned with respect for human rights – both, at our production sites around the world and in the procurement of raw materials.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The DAW Supplier Code obligates our suppliers to comply with the laws applicable to them and the principles of the UN Global Compact. These include respect for human rights, the fight against forced and child labor, measures to protect the environment and against corruption and bribery. We do not accept any violation of the DAW Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Human Rights Protection Act

DAW acts in accordance with the law in all countries in which it operates. Several countries have laws to protect human rights in the value chains. Whether in procurement or at our own production sites, it is essential that we comply with all legal requirements and address potential risks regarding respect for human rights.

DAW Integrity Line

We always strive for improvements in our behavior, but sometimes depend on impulses from outside and inside to identify potential for improvement or even the need for change. If you have any information for us that clarifies grievances, misconduct or a compliance issue, please feel free to report it to us.

In addition to the direct way of reporting grievances, information can also be submitted via our web-based reporting system (DAW IntegrityLine).

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Enter into dialogue

Taking responsibility in the supply chain is also an important topic in industry exchange. DAW is in constant exchange with partners and fellow competitors in our industry and is seeking the dialogue. Because: We want to initiate and help shape positive changes together with our stakeholders.

Industry dialogs

DAW also assumes its responsibility within industry networks. For example, we are  founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and are actively involved in Chemie3, the sustainability initiative of the German chemical industry. We also invite our stakeholders for exchange on a regular basis.

Responsible Care

The management of sustainable supply chains is a matter of concern for DAW. With our holistic approach and the broad sustainability approach in our Supplier Code, we were able to convince the jury of the Hesse Chemical Industry Association in 2019. We took the first place in the Responsible Care competition of the Hesse state association.

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