Innovation formats

At DAW, we use a range of formats to promote a vibrant innovation culture. These formats differ based on their target groups and the topics they cover. At the same time, they have been carefully selected as part of a holistic approach, enabling us to improve our innovation performance through drawing on as many different sources and methods as possible.

Our innovation formats include the following:

DAW Innovation Symposium

The Innovation Symposium is an in-house exhibition that presents innovation as a tangible experience. Here, DAW employees from a wide range of countries are given their own information stands at which to present prototypes and projects that could shape the future of the company. At the end of the event, all participants vote to nominate one exceptional project team for the DAW Innovation Award.

DAW Innovation Camp

The Innovation Camp is a multi-day event in which employees and extern experts work together in interdisciplinary teams, searching intensely for new solutions that are strategically important for DAW.

DAW Innovation Talks

Our Innovation Talks are an interactive format in which in-house and guest speakers can discuss topics relating to innovation. They not only provide an opportunity to network, but also help broaden our horizons and contribute to DAW’s innovation culture as a whole.

Though they share the common theme of ‘innovation’, the subjects of these talks are incredibly diverse. Ranging from the opportunities brought about by digitalization, changes in the consumer market or ecosystems, the topics discussed in these talks are extremely relevant for the future of our field.

DAW Ideation Champions

The web-based Ideation Platform was created years ago to share, discuss and evaluate ideas. The most active users are yearly awarded the title of ‘Ideation Champion’ and are invited to take part in a workshop together.

DAW Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenges give university students the opportunity to work on selected topics relevant to individual DAW business units. The challenge is concluded with the students pitching their ideas to the upper management.