REACH - No Data No Market

On June 1, 2007, the new EU chemicals legislation came into force. With the reorganisation of chemicals legislation, the European Union pursued the goal of creating a harmonised set of regulations for all EU member states. 
It follows the principle of "no data, no market". According to this, only chemical substances that have been registered may be placed on the market within the scope of application. REACH is based on the principle of industry ownership and applies in principle to all chemical substances. Industry ownership also means that manufacturers and importers take responsibility for the safety of their chemicals. It must be ensured that all intended uses in the product chain can be handled safely without risk to the health of processors or consumers and the environment.

DAW supports the objectives of REACH and is actively working on their implementation. We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that we continue to provide safe products of the usual quality for our customers in the future. All the products we supply comply with all the legal requirements.

All 27 EU Member States have committed to making the EU the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. To this end, they agreed to reduce emissions by at least 55% until 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The European Green Deal is the EU's new growth strategy. It will make Europe a sustainable and carbon neutral economy while responding to the economic crisis and the consequences of COVID-19.
In 2020, the European Commission adopted its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. The strategy is part of the EU's zero-pollutant target - a key commitment of the European Green Deal - and aims to better protect citizens and the environment from harmful chemicals and drive the use of safer and more sustainable chemicals.
This strategy includes a review of chemicals legislation, and thus of the REACH Regulation. We are following these developments closely to keep our customers and other stakeholders informed of changes and impacts.