Our brands

The basis of our success are the brands and the associated products, which are sold over completely different distribution channels to the various target groups. In the Professional business high quality paints, enamels, glazes, chemical building products and materials for facades and insulation technology are marketed under the brands Caparol, ALLIGATOR and alsecco to paint wholesalers and to the specialist trade. The building protection sector is covered by the brand DISBON. Under the brand KRAUTOL a practically orientated range of products in paints and enamels is sold, mainly through building materials suppliers. The brand INTHERMO is our specialist for sustainable insulating materials based on wood fibre. The product range of the brand Alpina, which is active in the "do-it-yourself" business, mainly comprises high quality, environmentally friendly and health-preserving, easily worked paints, enamels and glazers, which are primarily marketed to private customers through DIY superstores. The wholesale business comprises an extensive range of services for the professional paint wholesalers provided by the company CMS Dienstleistungs-GmbH. CMS supports the wholesale holdings of DAW SE in Germany. The industrial business in the sector of tinting pastes is supported by the company Caparol Industrial Solutions (CIS).