In Germany Caparol is the leader in the field of building paints. Also, throughout Europe the brand with the well-known striped-elephant signet is amongst the largest enterprises in the field. The product range comprises high-quality paints, plasters, enamels, glazes, energy-saving thermal insulation systems, acoustic systems, decorative interior wall coatings and products for architectural heritage conservation. In Germany the Caparol product range for value retention and the decoration of buildings is available through 300 trading partners.


The brand has its origins in "Caparol" – the aqueous emulsion binder developed by Dr. Robert Murjahn in 1928 and with the help of which painters were able to make up the required paint themselves using pigments and filling materials. The brand name is derived from the first letters of the three constituents casein, paraffin and oleum.



Product highlights

As the world's first emission-minimised and solvent-free interior paint, Indeko-plus reflects the pioneering spirit of the Caparol brand. Together with the excellent opacity and extreme yield, Indeko-plus is in a class of its own in the field of premium interior paints. The Dalmatiner S 024 insulation board is the slim high-performance insulating panel with which Caparol is setting the benchmark in the field of facade insulation.


Products from Caparol are sold through paint wholesalers and the paint retail trade.