Sustainable products & packaging

Since its foundation more than 125 years ago, DAW has helped shaping the development of the industry with its innovations. We are constantly developing our products and packaging with health, design, efficiency and sustainability in mind. In this way, we enable buildings to be designed in the best possible way and to be preserved in the long term.  

Innovation: Setting future trends

DAW has created numerous innovations - for example, in 1985 we launched the world's first emission-minimized and solvent-free interior paint. Aspects such as climate and environmental protection as well as health and well-being play an important role in our research.

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Products: Use of renewable raw materials

The careful use of resources is an important concern for us. For example with our CapaGreen products made from renewable raw materials, we save CO2 and support biodiversity. At the same time, our paints and coatings protect the value of buildings and the health of their residents.

Replacement of fossil-based raw materials at CapaGreen

Our brand Caparol uses renewable raw materials in its paint formula. In our CapaGreen assortment, we are gradually replacing raw materials based on petroleum and natural gas with plant-based materials. In this way, we reduce the product carbon footprint.

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Lacquers and wood oils based on camelina

The binder of Universal-Lacquer Aqua is based on the ancient cultivated plant camelina. Camelina offers an ecological advantage, because it is grown together with peas and its flowers provide additional food for endangered insects.

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Packaging: Re-use plastic

Our products contribute to health and well-being, as well as to resource conservation and climate protection. But that's not all: we are increasingly focusing on packaging - in the long term, we want to reduce the percentage of virgin plastic, increase use of recycled materials and close loops.


Our goal is to use as little packaging as possible and, through our continuous development, to be able to use packaging with less material.


It is important for us switch to  recycled materials whenever possible in order to save primary raw materials.


The best plastic packaging is the one for which no virgin plastic is produced. That is why we are looking for ways to reuse packaging in the future.

Buildings: Creating livability

With our products, we actively help shape living spaces in cities and communities. Whether it's new residential quarters, the renovation of old buildings, or better orientation in the interior of nursing homes - with numerous projects, we help to protect the environment and create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable.