DAW SE - Values & Culture

DAW SE is a family company. Although we have developed over the past 125 years into one of the world's largest building paints manufacturers, we still believe in values embedded in our medium-sized entrepreneurial origins, our German roots, our sustainable corporate philosophy and in our family spirit. Despite our cultural diversity in over 30 countries, these values unite us, providing us with our "one spirit" communal mind-set. This is also crucial to our versatility and therefore to our primary corporate objective of maintaining our independence in the long term. We want to lend life to our values, both inwardly and outwardly, through daily conscious actions, continuously developing these values and strengthening them. The sum of our many small actions makes us unique and in the end leads to corporate success. Open-minded and communicative We are open to the viewpoints of others, to new ideas, improvements and changes. We learn from one another and we actively interchange "best practice".
We communicate truthfully and promptly with relevant information and are open to feedback. Respectful and supportive We respect one another with mutual appreciation. It is part of our performance culture to accept that mistakes may be made. We support one another in rectifying mistakes, in learning from them and in not repeating them. Together we rejoice in the success of others. Fact-based and disciplined Emotions are important for our togetherness and our customer and supplier relationships, but our decisions are made based on facts.
Our decisions are consistently followed up. We say what we do and we do what we say. Entrepreneurial and passionate We are orientated to implementation and prepared to take calculated risks. We accept responsibility for our actions.
We convince and inspire our teams and customers. We believe in what we do and enjoy our work. Proud to be building something great We are proud to be part of a 125-year success story and want to contribute to its continuation.