Our products

The products of DAW SE can be seen almost everywhere – in the office, in the kindergarten, at the concert, when shopping, in the underground car park and also at home. Everywhere paints affect our mood. Coatings protect and maintain our living spaces or help to save energy in buildings. Our high-quality products are the basis of our success. This is also indicated in the logo of DAW SE as a stylised paint bucket with a handle. Our expertise in coating systems is based on over 100 years of experience. This is because experience is probably the most important ingredient in a good paint. Our well-developed formulations, tested in use a million times over, our in-depth knowledge of the raw materials markets, our continuous fundamental and innovative research and, of course, also our reliable production are competitive advantages based on this experience. A current example of top performance based on experience is our classic brand "Alpinaweiß". We registered Europe's most-sold interior paint as a brand-name as long ago as 1909 and have been continually developing it since then. In 2017 Alpinaweiß came top in a test conducted by the consumer magazine "Stiftung Warentest" (issue 9/2017). In the course of time we have carefully and successfully transferred our extensive product knowledge to related product areas. Today, the breadth of the product range is one of our core capabilities. At DAW SE customers obtain the complete variety of building coatings from one source. Our product range extends from primers, paints, plasters, fillers and enamels through glazes, floor coatings, building protection products, facade and installation systems, interior acoustic systems, wall coverings and decorative techniques to products for architectural heritage.