Corporate family

DAW SE has been in private ownership for over five generations. The foundation name, still applicable since 1895 as a constituent part of the company logo, expresses the self-image of DAW as a medium-sized family-owned company. All the owners have been scientists. Consequently, the product quality and the force of innovation form the roots of the corporate success.

Up to 1895

Eduard Murjahn The DAW SE history began with this merchant from Hamburg. After he had found amphibole in the Odenwald, he developed a process of using amphibole to produce paint and plaster powder and called this product "Amphibolin".


Robert Murjahn Robert Murjahn, carried on with his father's work and developed his own coating powder based on lime and chalk.  He founded the company "Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn" in Ober-Ramstadt in the Odenwald. 


Dr. Robert Murjahn Dr. Robert Murjahn continued with the business and handed over a very healthy company to his son, Dr. Klaus Murjahn. The Robert Murjahn Institute is named after him.


Dr. Klaus Murjahn Under his management DAW developed from being a local supplier to an international market leader. The turnover and number of employees increased enormously

Since 2008

Dr. Ralf Murjahn Under his management the multi-brand strategy of DAW has been consistently continued. To enhance further international expansion Dr. Ralf Murjahn pushed ahead in changing the legal status of DAW to the more modern form of DAW SE in 2013.