The ALLIGATOR FARBWERKE in Enger produces for professionals and is impressive with a tailor-made product range which is primarily aimed at the needs of medium-sized application-worker operations.
ALLIGATOR products such as "Miropan" or "Kieselit" have just as good a reputation on the market as the unique corporate culture and customer proximity of the East Westphalian manufacturer.


Founded in 1959 as Leim-Chemie, the company changed its name to ALLIGATOR FARBWERKE in 1966.



Product highlights

The brands "Miropan" and "Kieselit" are setting benchmarks in quality for paints and plasters in the interior and exterior areas. With the new brand, ALLFAtherm, ALLIGATOR FARBWERKE scores best marks with four systems for the highest demands in thermal insulation.


ALLIGATOR products are sold through paints wholesale in a two-stage distribution process.