Caparol Industrial Solutions

Caparol Industrial Solutions (CIS) stands for high-quality colour concentrates in various consistencies for a broad, industrial spectrum of applications. With colour preparations from our company industrial manufacturers and processors of coating systems, elastomers, duromers and thermoplastics always set the right tone. No matter whether it is liquid, pasty or solid – exactly formulated colour concentrates are made available which our customers require for the industrial coloration of their products. The production and dispersion technologies employed at the production site in Saxonian Grimma/Nerchau facilitate the highly efficient preparation of colour concentrates in all consistencies.


Today's sales company, Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH, dates from far-reaching restructuring of the predecessor company in 2013. The trading and production activities with colour preparations and raw materials for coloration at the Nerchau location go back to 1834.





Product highlights

NEFA-TINT/NEFA-TINT W for the coloration of coating systems with and without binders.
NEFA-POX/NEFA-PUR/NEFA-PUR A/NEFA-SIL for the coloration of duromer/elastomer systems.
NEFA-MB for the coloration and incorporation of additives of thermoplastics.


Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH, Neichener Strasse 38, D-04668 Grimma-Nerchau