DAW SE Supplier Code

The basic attitude of harmonizing economy, ecology and social responsibility is firmly anchored in the corporate identity of DAW SE and affiliated companies (hereinafter DAW) - it is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. Our mission statement on sustainability manifests this: "In everything we do, we behave responsibly toward people, nature and society. As an innovative family-owned company, we feel morally obligated to make our contribution to sustainable action and business (sustainable development) that is compatible with the environment and the future. We adhere to the "Coating Care" principle formulated by the international paint industry as an ethical guiding principle and practice the ethical guidelines issued by the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry Association: Plant Safety, Environmental Protection, Employee Training, Product Responsibility, Resource Conservation, Safe Handling, Disposal." 

At international level, we have committed ourselves to a demanding sustainability standard. By joining the United Nations Global Compact, we have committed ourselves to the ten UN core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Sustainability is therefore also an essential component of our business processes. Alongside cost, quality, reliability, performance and innovation, sustainability is a key factor in the selection and evaluation of our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to comply in their activities with the applicable national laws, the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and this Supplier Code, and to implement suitable processes in their and affiliated companies that promote compliance with these regulations.