Supplier Code DAW SE

Behaviour in commerce

Compliance with the prohibition of corruption

We expect our suppliers not to tolerate active or passive corruption in their companies or even to view it as the basis of a business activity. The conventions of the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to combat corruption and the relevant anti-corruption laws must be observed and suitable measures taken to ensure they are observed. This includes appropriate communication of this pledge, training and documentation.

We expect our suppliers to ensure that their employees, sub-contractors, agents and other representatives do not offer, promise or grant any advantages to DAW employees or third parties close to DAW employees with the intention of receiving an order or other preferential treatment in the course of trade.

Invitations and presents

We expect our suppliers not to misuse invitations or presents to DAW employees or persons close to DAW employees in order to influence them or to demand inappropriate advantages. Invitations and presents to DAW employees or persons close to DAW employees must only be given on appropriate occasions, to an appropriate extent and if they can be considered as reflecting local, generally recognised and legal business practice. In doing so, transparency has absolute priority.

DAW employees are required to observe the internal DAW guidelines on accepting presents and invitations strictly and may not request presents, invitations or other gratuities on behalf of themselves or persons close to them. We encourage our suppliers to report any infringements of this regulation on the part of DAW employees in a suitable manner.

Avoiding conflicts of interests We expect our suppliers to take decisions in connection with the joint business operation solely on the basis of objective criteria and to avoid conflicts of interest with private or other activities, financial or otherwise, from the outset.

Free competition
We expect our suppliers to behave fairly in competition and observe the applicable anti-trust laws and other laws that regulate free competition. Suppliers will not participate, either directly or indirectly, in agreements with competitors or other market participants that are contrary to anti-trust laws, nor will they exploit a possible market strength or dominant market position in an abusive way.

Money laundering
We expect our suppliers to observe the relevant legal obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering and not to participate, either directly or indirectly, in money laundering activities.