Sustainable buildings

Our customers – application workers, building owners, architects and investors – have been increasingly requesting information about non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly products, particularly in the field of sustainable construction. In order to respond to this demand DAW SE has been intensively contributing to the production of environmental product declarations (EPDs). Certified EPDs have been available since 2009 for the key products from DAW. They are gradually being supplemented for further products.
As one of the first companies in its industrial branch DAW SE has developed its own sustainability data sheet for products. This data sheet provides specific information about technical data, such as for example the wet abrasion class, consumption, the environmental seal and ingredients. As a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), DAW SE has entered the appropriate sustainability data and our products into the building-products platform of the DGNB, the so-called DGNB Navigator.
In order to be able to give more consideration in the future to the increased demand for well-founded information, a specific post has been created especially to address the subject of "Products and sustainable building". In this way our customers and also our employees can always find comprehensive information and competent consultancy.

Building shells for energy optimisation

By 2025 it is forecast that over eight billion people will live on the Earth, most of them living in cities. But already, with about 70% of the worldwide CO2 emissions cities account for an enormous share of the climate change. Due to their potential energy savings, the focus is particularly placed on buildings. This is because buildings consume more than 40% of the global energy and are therefore a significant cause of greenhouse gas emissions.
Looking at climate protection, the greatest potential energy optimisation is in the fields of heating and cooling buildings. This applies to all real estate irrespective of whether it is industrial property, private dwellings or large residential complexes and to new buildings and reconstruction.
High efficiency – also for obtaining the state climate protection targets – can be obtained by insulating the facade with an innovative ETICS, as supplied by the DAW professional brands for various target groups.