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LITHODECOR sees itself as an "innovative facade manufacturer" and is a special operation for curtain-wall, back-ventilated facade systems. The solutions from LITHODECOR are elaborated down to the fine detail, are technically mature and offer exceptional surfaces and shapes, including natural stone, glass and photovoltaic. This gives planners and architects the maximum scope for design.


LITHODECOR was founded in 1995 in Plauen. Since 1998 LITHODECOR has sold the airtec Stone and airtec Glass facade systems internationally.

In 2007 the company was incorporated into DAW SE.



Product highlights

Airtec Stone: high-quality facade elements in genuine natural stone 

Airtec Glas: high-quality facade elements in single-pane safety glass
Airtec Glassic: facade system with single-pane safety glass

All systems can be combined with facade photovoltaic.


Products and systems are sold through direct sales to the application worker/building owner.