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DAW SE for students

"What motivates me personally is to become an expert in my field. I enjoy learning new things each day from my colleagues."

Tatiana N., student employee in the Controlling Department

Give your career your favourite colour.

To find out which colour your own career should have, the simplest way is to take an internship or a student employee job in a real company. Irrespective of whether it is before, during or after the course of study, DAW offers a suitable programme for every student. 

You can also write up your final project with us.

Internships, final projects and student employee jobs are possible in the following departments:

  • OrderServiceCenter
  • Controlling department
  • Purchase department
  • ColourDesignStudio
  • Financial and group accounting
  • Innovation management
  • Customer Communication
  • Marketing
  • Scientific field (Research and Development, Analysis)
  • Production
  • Product management
  • Seminar beings department
  • Department of technology

If you are interested in an internship with us, please apply in good time – preferably six months before the desired start of the internship – through our Applicant portal.

Please state the exact time period in your application as well as the desired department. You will find the contact persons here.

Content of the application: application letter, curriculum vitae (CV), certificates, study course records (incl. marks).