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Our apprentices introduce themselves

I have known DAW since I was small, because many people I know work here and the "Elephant" always followed me around as a child. I became aware of the apprenticeship opportunities at DAW through a friend who had completed an apprenticeship herself and was now permanently employed. I myself have already concluded an apprenticeship as a sales assistant, which turned out not to be my dream job. I am creative and good with my hands, which I can practise and learn here to the full extent. The solidarity of the group fascinates me. DAW is a family company. Here you are a full member and your opinion means something. Now I can proudly say that I have found my dream job. Now, I would like to qualify and continue with further training. I'm proud to be an apprentice at DAW.

Melanie, taking an apprenticeship as Painter and Enameller

Right at the start it was definite that I would decide on DAW SE, because, apart from the big name, the company also has a future. As I started the apprenticeship, it occurred to me straight away that here you are really encouraged in your role as an apprentice. You have the possibility of participating in all the training sessions and seminars, that's something you can't always take for granted. Regular changes of Department, which also means doing a variety jobs keeps me interested with high motivation during my apprenticeship as IT Specialist for Systems Integration.

Denis, taking an apprenticeship as IT Specialist for Systems Integration

The striped elephant attracted my attention at an early stage and led me to this important step in my life. During the interview it didn't take long before I was impressed with the company and all the associated offers for the apprentices. I can say with a clear conscience that the path I took to start an apprenticeship as a Clerk for Office Communication was the right one. The company offers apprentices a lot of encouragement and opportunities. Personally, so far I have been able to get along very well in each department. The workers treat the apprentices with respect in an open and interested manner. It is also interesting, even as an apprentice, to come into contact with each position right through to the management. I especially like the way I am included as a proper employee in the working procedure.

Verena, taking an apprenticeship as Clerk for Office Communication