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Internships for schoolchildren

We offer internships for school pupils of the middle and upper levels, for technical secondary school pupils within the scope of their vocational school certificate or a scholastic apprenticeship. 

Fields in which internships can be offered are:

  • Controlling department
  • IT department
  • Purchase department 
  • ColourDesignStudio
  • Logistics
  • Scientific field (Research and Development, Analysis, Operation Chemistry, Application Technology)
    -> Required age of 18 years due to the hazardous materials
  • Production
  • Production planning
  • Product management
  • Complaint department
  • Trainings department

The minimum duration of an internship is two weeks. If you are interested in an internship with us, please apply in good time – preferably six months before the desired start of the internship – through our Applicant portal 

It is important that you state the exact time period in your application as well as the desired department.

Girls' & Boys' Day

The Girls'/Boys' Day is held annually in the spring. You will find further information at and On this day girls can try out typical jobs for men, and boys have the opportunity to try out typical jobs for women

The areas that can be tried out are:

  • Commercial
  • Scientific and chemical
  • Technical
  • Production
  • ColorDesignStudio/graphics
  • Application technology
  • Sample production
  • Logistics/warehouse
  • Workshop

Registration should take place at least one to 2 months before the Girls'/Boys' Day.
A brief e-mail with the most important details, such as name, date of birth, address and the desired area is sufficient. Send e-mail to

Procedure for the Girls'/Boys' Day at DAW SE
A visit to the chosen department to try it out
Factory tour with all participants
End of the event: approx. 13:00 hrs.