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What we offer

Leadership in quality thanks to strong brands

The basis of our success are nine high-quality brands and the associated products. Current examples of top performance are to be found for example with Alpina and Caparol:

The product, "Alpinaweiß", is not just the most-sold interior paint in Europe, but also the most well-known brand of dispersion paint in Germany. Alpina regards itself as a producer of brand-name articles whose quality has gained consumers' confidence over decades. In 2017 Alpinaweiß came top in a test conducted by the consumer magazine "Stiftung Warentest" (issue 9/2017).

In Germany Caparol is the leader in the field of building paints. Also, throughout Europe the brand with the well-known striped-elephant signet is amongst the largest enterprises in the field.

Due to its high variety of brands and products, DAW SE covers the most varied markets and customer groups. DAW SE is represented in 40 countries and, along with professional application workers, it also addresses DIY enthusiasts and industrial customers. Such widespread alignment not only opens up a wide variety of career opportunities for employees, there is also plenty of scope for development in the daily work.

Family company managed by its owners

DAW SE is a medium-sized family company in its fifth generation. The relationship of the owning family to the company is therefore extraordinarily is strong and the dwell period in top management is usually disproportionately long. This continuity in the ownership is reflected on the employee side with a high degree of presence and affinity. In other words this means that each employee experiences the required visibility to be appropriately challenged and promoted. Through a high level of flexibility, the delegation of tasks and the possibility of realising one's own ideas, for example within our award-winning suggestion scheme "CapaGrips", we see a high degree of employment satisfaction. Short and direct information paths as well as the direct participation of each employee in company activities provides additional support here.

Encouragement is also experienced by the smallest members of the company in the "Rüsselbande", the company's own day nursery. Thanks to this facility it is easier to combine a family and a career and it enables parents to return to their occupation sooner. With our day nursery we are intentionally contributing to a family-friendly society.

Personal development

Qualification, competence and motivation of the employees and managers have direct effects on the quality of our products and services and therefore also on the results and success of our company. Therefore we promote the development of our personnel.

Personnel development supports managers, in recognising and expanding the existing capabilities and the potential of employees to ensure that the greatest possible contribution is made by each individual to the success of the company.

The foundation of personal development is formed by the following three principles:

Personal responsibility and motivation
"The responsibility and motivation for the employee's own ongoing development is primarily a matter for each employee and each manager themselves."

Future orientation
"Each person has the task of qualifying for the current and future requirements."

Promotion according to requirements and needs
"The manager advises and supports the employee in his development and provides appropriate boundary conditions and resources."

The implementation of these principles is supported by centralised offers of qualification for the DAW Group and individual consultancy by company directors, managers and employees.